Candlewick Interior Design & Decoration, Melbourne
6 Abbott St, Alphington VIC Australia 3078
Phone +61 3 9497 5566
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Based in Melbourne, Candlewick is an interiors business providing a complete service including interior design, interior decorator services and custom furniture and furnishings production. We have been helping our clients create beautiful surroundings to enjoy since 1994.

Come on in and have a look at the beautiful work we have done over the years and the many and varied styles. At Candlewick we can offer so much more than just interior decorator services. For some examples just visit airsenegalinternational.


Candlewick's interior design services can help you with all aspects of interior design and interior decoration. From paint colours and international fabric choices, to room layout, window treatments and furniture style. With our experienced Interior Decorators on board, your space will be transformed into a beautiful home that you will absolutely love.

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With over 20 years experience with interior decorator services in Melbourne and around Victoria, be inspired by our portfolio of work. From individual rooms (kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms) to soft furnishings (curtains, blinds and cushions) to furniture (sofas and armchairs), to colour schemes and entire house projects.

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Custom upholstered furniture, made in Australia. Our upholsterers specialise in the art of furniture production. Sofas, arm chairs, bed heads, dining chairs and blanket boxes, all of the highest quality workmanship, guaranteed to last. Produced right here in our Melbourne premises, we personally deliver and install all our custom furniture to the highest standards.

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